10 x 13 ft Oversized Rug Ersari Tribal Turkoman Hand Knotted Semi Antique Carpet


Large oversized tribal rug Afghan Ersari Turkoman or Turkmen rug – “one of a kind” decorative tribal Art. The Turkmen or Turkoman people are settling in villages in Afghanistan an Turkmenistan near the Persian border. Their origin is tribal nomadic, but most members of the tribes have settled in villages in the last decades. Typical for most Turkoman carpets is their geometric design made of wide borders and a repeating inner field with symbols called “Gul” The design of the Gul and the borders tell a lot, which tribe of Turkoman made the rug. The rug listed has 36 octagonal main Guls (eight edged) in 3 rows divided by smaller minor Guls. The golden / beige copper color is very unusual since most Turkoman rugs are made in a bright tomato red. This one has a wool with silk-like shine, a color best defined as very light copper combined with ivory and brown motives. Since tribal people usually have smaller portable looms, it is normal that they make small rugs. Most Turkmen rugs found are between 4 x 6 ft and 8 x 11 ft. For this reason, this 13 x 10 ft rug is a so called oversized or “Khan” rug = leader of highest nobility. The condition of this beautiful rug is excellent. It has full pile, perfect fringe and selvedge. • Beautiful vintage rug • All handmade, hand knotted • Pile pure wool, warp and weft wool • Traditional design, very unique rug, typical abrash color changes from different batches of wool • Condition: Excellent. Full pile, great condition. Just fresh washed, shines like silk – Color reduction by Antiquewash • Land of origin: Afghanistan All of our rugs, carpets and Kilims are original vintage or antique pieces. They are hand washed and ready to use. All rugs are used and have appropriate condition to their age.